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More than likely you have seen our indoor billboards. They are professional, colorful, informative and placed where you just can't miss them. They are also placed in locations where you go to spend money!
In this modern day more and more companies are advertising and your company needs a better way to get your message across. The average person is advertised to 4000 times a day! How can you cut through that clutter and KNOW that people with money see your ad? 
By placing an 8 1/2" x 11" full color ad at future customers sight line while they are occupied. The result is an indoor billboard. The future customer is getting an education on your product or service without being distracted. You KNOW they see it and you KNOW they wouldn't be seeing it unless they had money to spend. What's the purpose of advertising to mass audiences for a moment if the majority can not afford it anyways.
Speaking of a moment. A study was done at Cornell University in the late 80's by Anh Tran, who was an undergraduate student there at the time. Anh timed people in restrooms as they entered and then left the stall. According to her findings the average man spent 47 seconds inside the stall while the average women spent 79 seconds in the stall. That’s a lot longer than any 30 second TV or radio spot. And a whole lot longer than the reported 7 seconds of viewing of a newspaper ad and outdoor billboard.
So how can you cut through that clutter and KNOW that people with money see your ad?...
By advertising with Occupied Advertising of course. 
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