Occupied Advertising - Cullman and Marshall County's exclusive "face space" provider
About Us
Occupied Advertising was started in 2009. It's name was chosen as a play on words. Normally when one is in a restroom stall it is referred to as Occupied and when there is nothing else to look at in a stall except for our ads the customer's attention is also Occupied!
So that's how the name came about, the idea of indoor billboards though was not an original. It first came to a student in Vanderbilt University back in 1984. After she sold the idea to a friend for a whopping $1 the first indoor billboard company was born. So while it is not Occupied Advertising's original idea it's still a really good one.
Occupied Advertising started in Marshall County, Alabama because research showed that there was not an indoor billboard provider in Marshall County. There was also not a way to affordably mass market to the affluent with something as effective as a full color 8 1/2" x 11" page (Have you checked what a full color ad of that size would run in the newspaper for a month?). In 2015, Occupied Advertising expanded into Cullman County.
Occupied Advertising's indoor billboards also allow your business to target future customers by location, gender, and lifestyle. We are currently located in the cities of Arab, and Cullman, Alabama. Occupied Advertising's indoor billboards are placed inside of restaurant, gym, golf courses, bar, and hotel lobby restrooms. So if your future customer is out there spending money, more than likely Occupied Advertising's indoor billboards have been in their faces.
With that said Occupied Advertising does it's best to be the best way, to educate future customers of your products, services, specials, and specialties. Call us to find out how simple we make it to advertise with us.
P.O. Box 1014
Cullman, AL 35056
Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM
Sat: by appointment
Sun: by appointment
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